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Yalla Start Competition & Initiative

Yalla Start with Khalis continues to sponsor and support entrepreneurs and startups within the “Yalla Start” initiative The mass services network.


the leading company in digital retail payments services in Egypt and one of the e-finance Subsidiaries for the technology of operating financial institutions


Khales continued to support the winning startups in its leading competition "Yallastart with Khales" which was held during the Cairo ICT Exhibition by linking the winning startups to a digital payment platform free of charge and provides a token financial support for it, as part of the initiatives dedicated to supporting start-up companies specialized in various fields that are beneficial to society.

Beneficial to the Egyptian community

In a new round as part of its initiatives to support entrepreneurs, "Khales" is currently selecting a group of promising startups specialized in financial technology, which provide direct and beneficial services to the Egyptian community, to support them in the next phase and help them achieve their goals. The selection process will be subject to several precise criteria determined by "Khales" in cooperation with senior experts in the field, and in the subsequent stage, "Khales" will be a technological incubator for these projects. "Khales" will provide the selected companies with all the necessary support and technologies that will help them expand, grow, and achieve the desired goals.

Supporting this type of company comes within the social responsibility of "Khales" company and within the framework of its strategy for 2021, which aims to support all elements capable of making a difference in the electronic payment market and facilitate the implementation of the country's strategy for digital transformation.

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